380mAh Itsuwa Liberty Max VV Preheating Vape Battery

Color: Black
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MSRP:  $17.99

The Itsuwa Liberty Max is a 380mAh 510 thread vape battery with variable voltage and a convenient preheating feature.  Unlike most slim style batteries the Max uses micro-usb charging.  The preheat function applies low level heat to the thick oil cartridge for 15 seconds to make the oil more viscous before vaping.  You can change between 3 different voltage levels to find the right setting for you.  

Micro-USB Charging
Variable Voltage
Preheating Function

Battery Capacity:  380mAh
Voltage Levels:  2.7V - White, 3.1V - Blue, 3.6V - Red
Thread Type:  510 Thread
Preheat Time:  15 seconds
On/Off:  5 Clicks in 2 Seconds
Adjust Voltage:  3 Clicks
Start Preheat:  2 Clicks
Stop Preheat:  1 Click

In The Box:
1 380mAh Itsuwa Liberty Max Battery
1 Magnetic Micro-USB

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