Disc Tower of Filtration Recycler Water Pipe

Color: Gold
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When you crave some monster rips the Disc Tower of Filtration Water Pipe will deliver in spades. 

This beautifully designed water pipe is 18.8 inches tall and takes the classic straight-neck water pipe to new levels. It's stacked with an intense 12-arm sprinkler perc that turns the 3-inch diameter lower chamber into a boiling flume of water. Large twin disc chambers await the rising tide of bubbles, where the smoke is cycled and cooled before arriving at the bottom of the neck. 

As the excess water corkscrews back down to the bottom, your filtered taste of heaven can ascend past a double ice pinch. This allows for over 5 inches of ice, creating a chilling lung full of smoke that's smooth as a popsicle. 

Handcrafted, this water pipe has a unique design that's true to Lookah's original glass ethos. A chunky 5-inch diameter base means this beautiful piece of craftsmanship is sturdy. Made of high-grade extra-thick borosilicate glass, this durable water pipe delivers excellent airflow and a special filtering effect. This is all finished with color-coordinated highlights, which make it pop. 

This handcrafted glass water pipe is a collectible to treasure for every water pipe enthusiast and a great gift option for your friends or someone you love.


Height: 18.8''

Weight: 1400 GM

Bowl Size: 14MM MALE

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