LG HE4 20A 2500mah INR 18650 High Drain Battery

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The LG HE4 is an 18650 battery with a flat top terminal and max discharge current of 20A, making it a great choice for high-drain battery packs. This battery features a large 2,500mAh capacity for extra-long runtimes.

The HE4 can charge in as little as 45 minutes with a 4A charging current, and is rechargeable 300+ times.

  • High discharge Li-ion battery for demanding electronics
  • Unprotected unit with flat-top terminals
  • Commonly used in power tools, industrial equipment and medical devices
  • INR chemistry is stable, reliable and safe to use and charge

**While these batteries are authentic, LG does not condone or recommend using 18650 batteries to power vaping devices, and assumes no liability or warranty responsibility in case of an issue. Check out our Battery Safety page for more info. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. 

The leading battery manufacturers have recently launched a safety campaign and website to continue educating distributors, retailers and consumers. 

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