Lookah Unicorn Wax E-Rig Coils

Style: Unicorn Coil I 3 Pack- Hive Coil
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MSRP:  $65.99/pk

Replacement coils for the Lookah Unicorn dab rig.

The Unicorn Coil I - designed to preserve terpenes and flavonoids.  The quartz core has three holes where the coils run through to provide an even temperature profile that heats up in seconds while a ceramic lined coil helps retain the heat for better hits.  For the best taste and heavy vapor, it is recommended to use the manual mode.  These coils come in a 3-Pack.

The Unicorn Coil II - This is a Quartz Cup coil.  The solid quartz crucible is heated by a pancake coil from underneath providing the cleanest possible flavor profile.  The Quartz Cup is easily replaceable.  This coil will experience its best results when using the auto/preheat function of the Unicorn.  The Unicorn Coil II in a pack with 2 Coils and 4 spare Quartz Cups.  

1)  Remove the magnetic top of the rig
2)  Place in a small about of your favorite concentrate
3)  Replace the magnetic top
4)  Press the button five (5) times to turn the Unicorn on
5)  Select your temperature
6)  Then press the button three (3) times to start the auto heat function or just hold the button down to go into manual heat mode.

The Unicorn light will flash, and it will vibrate when the set temperature has been reached. Then you're ready to enjoy full flavored big rips from this fantastic e-rig. 

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Lookah Unicorn Replacement Coils

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