Ooze Signal 650 MAh Concentrate Vaporizer Pen

Title: Green Splatter
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Are you tired of struggling with limited loading capacity and difficult wax placement in your previous wax pens? Look no further, as the Signal is here to solve all those issues! We've designed the Signal with a generously sized atomizer bucket, providing ample space for loading your dabs and accommodating your dab tool. Additionally, this vaporizer offers exceptional airflow, surpassing anything we've experienced before.

Operating the Signal is a breeze. Simply click the button five times to turn it on or off. This button controls all the functions and features the Signal LED light. To adjust your voltage level, click the button three times. Each level is indicated by a different color light: yellow for 2.7V, green for 3.2V, and red for 4.0V. Since different strains release their flavors at varying temperatures, we recommend experimenting with the different voltages for each new strain you try!

One of the standout improvements in the Signal is its airflow system. The mouthpiece features two small holes that draw air beneath the coils instead of above the chamber. This continuous swirling of air beneath the coils prevents any wax from pooling, hardening, or becoming unpleasant. As a result, the coils last longer and maintain a better taste over time. With the Signal, you can enjoy thick, flavorful clouds that offer a satisfying pull with every inhale.

Key Features:

  • SIGNAL: The Ooze Signal is a wax vaporizer pen featuring a sleek design and a duckbill mouthpiece. It boasts an innovative airflow pathway, enabling the creation of massive clouds.
  • FLEX TEMP: Adjust the voltage level by clicking the button three times. Each temperature is represented by a different Signal LED light color: yellow (2.7V), green (3.2V), and red (4.0V).
  • BUDGET-FRIENDLY: Despite its flawless functionality, the Signal is incredibly affordable. You can own a professional extract vaporizer for just a slightly higher price than the classic Ooze pens.
  • RAPID CHARGE: The Signal utilizes a Micro USB cable for charging (sold separately). Connect it to the port next to the button and always charge indoors using a wall outlet.
  • WARRANTY PROGRAM: Enjoy the peace of mind with the Ooze Warranty Program covering the Signal. The warranty activation code is printed on the base, so remember to register your device upon purchase.

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