Shadow Glass 11.5in Three Chamber Tree Perc

Title: Cobalt Blue
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The "Eclipse Glass 11.5 Inch Triple Chamber Tree Perc Water Pipe" is an outstanding option for any online store inventory. This impressive water pipe showcases a sleek three-chamber setup paired with tree percolation technology, guaranteeing an incredibly smooth smoking experience. Constructed from sturdy premium borosilicate glass, it stands at an impressive 11.5 inches tall, serving as both a practical smoking accessory and a captivating decorative piece.

The intricately crafted tree perc not only boosts filtration but also introduces a visually striking component that is bound to grab attention. With its blend of top-notch design features and cutting-edge functionality, this water pipe is perfect for online retailers looking to provide their customers with high-quality smoking essentials.

Product Details:

  • Height: 11.5 Inches
  • Weight: 23 oz
  • Material: Premium Borosilicate Glass
  • Available Colors: Green, Cobalt Blue
  • Features: Innovative Triple Chamber System with Tree Percolation Technology

This water pipe is an excellent choice for online stores seeking to elevate their inventory with premium smoking products.

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