Tik10 400mAh Battery

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The Doteco TIK10 510 thread battery is a compact and lightweight battery designed for oil vape atomizers with a 510 thread connection. It has a capacity of 400mAh and offers variable voltage output. The battery is controlled by a single power button and can be unlocked and locked with five consecutive clicks. It features a preheating method and a 12-minute auto-shutoff, making it suitable for compact devices and extended vape sessions.

The Doteco TIK10 battery has a sleek aluminum case available in four colors and a smooth touch finish. Its dimensions are 51mm x 20mm x 20mm. The top side of the case has a spring-loaded 510 threaded connection for cartridge attachment, and the bottom side has a charge port.

Operating the Doteco TIK10 battery is simple, with a single power button and an LED indicator on the case. The battery can be charged through the USB-C port in approximately 40 minutes. It offers four preselected voltage modes indicated by different colors: Green-2.7V, Blue-3.2V, Yellow-3.7V, and Red-4.2V. The battery also includes a preheat function and a 12-minute auto shutoff feature.

Charging the Doteco TIK10 battery is done using the Type-C charger, and the battery's LED indicator displays the temperature and battery level. To activate the preheat mode, the power button is pressed twice, and the battery automatically functions for fifteen seconds to heat the oil before vaping.

The voltage mode of the Doteco TIK10 battery can be adjusted by quickly clicking the power button three times. This allows the user to select the desired temperature ranging from 2.7V to 4.2V. Lower settings produce flavorful and delicate vapor, while higher settings create denser vapor. It is recommended to use the original charging unit to extend the battery's lifespan.


Brand: Doteco

Product Type: Vape Battery

Model: TIK10

Connection: 51O Spring-Loaded

Power: 400mAh

Voltage Range: 2.7V-4.2V

15sec Time-Out

0ver Time 1Os

Low Power

Short-Circuit Protection

Charging: USB-C

Material: Aluminum

Height: 51mm

Width: 2Omm

Depth: 20mm

Weight: 20g

Doteco TIK10 510 Thread Battery Includes:

1x TIK10 51O Thread Battery

1x Type-C Cord

1x Lanyard

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