Title: Black-Green Spatter
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The Wulf Mods RAZR Nectar Collector and Hot Knife make an ideal pair for vaporizing wax concentrates through efficient heating. This 2-in-1 device provides two modes: the Nectar Collector and Hot Knife. The Nectar Collector Mode mimics the bumblebee's method of collecting resin by using its nectar to straw out the wax. On the other hand, the Hot Knife Mode enables you to quickly gather solid concentrates for your dab session. The RAZR device features a magnetic tip for each mode, making it easy to switch between the two.

The RAZR is designed with a main power button, an indicator light that displays crucial information, and a charging port where you can plug in the included Type-C cable. The device comes with a magnetic cap for protection. After removing the magnetic cap, you will see the attached magnetic nectar tip. If you want to switch to the hot knife tip, gently pull out the nectar tip and replace it with the magnetic hot knife tip. The indicator light will remain on for a full second to confirm that the attachment is connected correctly.

To begin using the RAZR, press the power button five times. If you want to turn off the device, press the power button five times as well. If you wish to change the temperature, press the power button three times, and you will be given two voltage settings to choose from: 3.3V (White) and 3.7V (Green). After selecting your desired temperature, press the power button twice to activate the 15-second preheating function.

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